Largest lawsuit in history is about to happen!

JPB Liberty, an Australian litigation funding firm, has launched a $500 billion global class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Google, and Twitter over their cryptocurrency ad bans. Suing for worldwide damages, anyone affected by 2018’s Crypto winter can sign on as a passive class member. This figure is more than twice the settlement in the largest class-action suit in history to date against the USA tobacco industry in 1998 for $206 billion.

Who Can Join the Class Action Suit

  • Cryptocurrency holders in possession of crypto holdings during 2018 (since the most significant price drop occurred after the Facebook ban, early holders will enjoy a larger share of the damages)
  • Mt. Gox claimants owing to their dependency on the bitcoin price
  • Cryptocurrency exchange owners/management
  • Cryptocurrency project owners/management
  • Industry advisors
  • Cryptocurrency hardware/software wallet owners/management
  • Cryptocurrency miners

The court will determine which issues are common to all class members. Additionally, in the absence of an outright settlement, it might determine sub-classes for allocation of damages.


Plaintiffs can claim anonymously and are under no obligation to have their particulars named on legal papers. To see compensation for specified losses, applicants are required to submit proof of the cryptocurrency holdings they are claiming for. In the absence of such proof, JPB will compensate them one SUFB token.

JPB Liberty offers a no win-no fee structure for class members. This is in accordance with how such mechanisms run under the Australian judicial system. Then, there will be a 70/25/5 damages split for class members, Sue Facebook Token (SUFB) token holders, and the firm itself, respectively.

SUFB, a publically tradable token, issued by JPB to litigation funders, is already listed on the Steem Exchange and is there to provide funds liquidity during the progression of the action. Litigation funding – including token sales – fall outside the scope of the Australian Securities laws.

To join the lawsuit anonymously –Click here

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