Free & Fair Internet through Decentralization with SubstratumNode – Update on Internet Censorship & Net Neutrality

July 2017 Substratum announced plans to create a free and fair internet through decentralization initially targeting Russia, Iran, and China. Our goal was to provide a solution for decentralized hosting & viewing of web content but this solution would exclude sites not hosted on the decentralized web and would initially cut out a huge percentage of internet traffic to places like Facebook, Google, YouTube etc.

More Regulation:
Late 2017 the Title II Net Neutrality Protections were appealed in the United States and what followed was a barrage of regulation including:

Along the way we got smarter and realized we can not only handle decentralized hosted content but also open web requests using our proprietary CORES network. This will provide access to ALL of the internet and will greatly open up earning potential for those running SubstratumNodes.

Currently we have executed a series of Alphas and Betas and are currently distributing SubstratumNode 0.4.0 at . This release contains decentralization features.

Before the end of 2018 we will release our first production version which will include monetization using the SUB token and will offer full clandestine routing to allow people in restricted regions to safely use the network to view any and all content around the world.

Since the establishment of the @SubstratumNet development team, about a year ago, they have averaged 1 feature merge to our Github repositories per business day, 195 of which have been solely to the Node open source repository. WOOT! Great work team! #dedication #passion #craft— B.J. ALLMON [Gives Away Tweets, Not Crypto] (@bjallmon) October 5, 2018

Look out for this coin in the future!

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