TheVault Airdrop

Token Symbol VSS
Estimated value $5
Expiry date 28 Feb, 2019
Published date January 26, 2019

Token Overview

TheVault Airdrop is worth up to 800 VSS tokens. Share your referral link to earn 200 VSS tokens for every referral.

About TheVault

TheVault has been established to protect Exchanges and Consumers with a solution people can trust, and drive the usage of cryptocurrencies with guaranteed security for consumers. They have built a platform based on proven security processes, AI-powered fraud detection solution and the Vault Consensus Protocol.

Token Requirement

  1. Go to TheVault Airdrop page.
  2. Submit your mail and Ethereum address and click on ''Submit''
  3. Join TheVault on Telegram.
  4. Click ''More Info'' at the Telegram task & click on ''Register your Telegram'' to connect your Telegram account. 
  5. Follow & retweet TheVault on Twitter.
  6. Follow TheVault on Facebook & share this post.
  7. Click on ''More Info'' at the Facebook task & submit your Facebook email address and click on ''Verify Completion''
  8. Follow TheVault on LinkedIn & share this post.
  9. Click on ''More Info'' at the LinkedIn task & submit your LinkedIn email address and click on ''Verify Completion''
  10. Share your referral link to earn 200 VSS tokens for every referral who completes at least 1 task.
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End in: 28 Feb, 2019

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