Token Symbol STORJ
Estimated value $10
Expiry date 28 Feb, 2019
Published date October 23, 2018

Token Overview

Get paid to store files on unused hard drive space.

Storj is a software project seeking to develop a next-generation cloud storage solution that improves upon existing cloud storage providers in four key areas of the service provided.

Our core use cases:

Backup, Recovery, and Archival

Long-term storage for infrequently accessed files for regulatory, compliance, disaster recover, or archival purposes.

Media Content Storage and Delivery

Store large volumes of video, photo, or audio media, including tape / physical alternatives.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Instantly available cloud to compliment your on-prem storage.

Large File Transfer

Temporary storage of large files for sharing or point-to-point transfers.

Log Files

Long-term storage and easy accessibility for log data.

Token Requirement

Get $10.00 for signing up for Storj

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End in: 28 Feb, 2019

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